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War / Jan 18, 2019
Tonight, in Ivujivik Quebec Canada there was an incident involving Frost Giants, BWD member War and the Norse god Thor.

Eye witness reports state that the incident began when a group of frost giants appeared and threatened the small town, demanding resources and sacrifices. It wasn't until long before the BWD member War appeared on the scene and fought the giants. The fight would last roughly 30 minutes until the giants were driven off by the arrival of Thor.

Shortly thereafter the two gods came to blows. We do not know of everything that was stated between the two but what we do know is that Thor blamed War for something. The battle between them ended up destroying 90% of the town by wiping it off the face of the Earth The battle sank the surrounding landscape into the Hudson Bay. War attempted to keep the city above water but Thor struck him in the back and War crumpled to the ground and did not recover from the blow.

The majority of the townsfolk were evacuated with only minor casualties and injuries. Cloaked individuals took War away and we have not heard any reports concerning his current status.

This marks continued reports of mythical creatures appearing around the world. We have reached out to multiple groups to find out what could be causing this trend and when we get responses will we will report our findings.
Bitterman / Nov 05, 2018
[BWD Base]

The "Blackwatch Militia" has gotten their own littler quarters and are readily available to assist in combat or rescuing civilians during super powered fights.


UNTIL has completed a great deal of their new defense projects, particularly some of their new orbital defense systems as well as various shelters to protect civilians during massive super villain attacks.

UNTIL continues working on dismantling the giant Watcher space station. They have roughly almost removed most of the legs and half of the right arm, as well as about 30% of the back halo, repurposing the parts.

[Other News]

The fissures in the sky continue to be there. As it was stated before, they show portions of space now, and can still be used to travel between worlds and dimensions. However, more energy is required to do so, and they cannot pull in unwilling people anymore.

Those with future vision and related powers will be unable to glance into the future, or simply see nothing.

Efforts to help rebuild and repair the cities damaged during the Watcher invasion had been successful, and many heroes, including the team, have been given commendations for their good work.

Various criminals groups and organizations have began moving again, aiming to fill in the void left after the Watcher's death.

Various contracts have been issued in the criminal underworld asking for the head of certain super heroes, particularly the most famous ones. Although mercenaries and bounty hunters of all types have stayed away from going after the bigger groups yet, some other heroes related to them or that have dealings with them have been targeted.

The Millennium City gangs seem to be forming new alliances with each other, likely related to the sudden raise in criminal movement.

A new drug, Hit, has been taking over the drug market in Westside, relentlessly crushing the competition. Currently it is the hottest item in the drug trafficking business of Westside, with some estimating it will spread to City Center next.

The amount of BWD costumes used during the Halloween season far surpassed those of any other superheroes, showing once again another increase in popularity for the superhero team.

It is estimated the price of ice cream will go up by a 10%.
Bitterman / Sep 08, 2018
[BWD Base]

There is a new addition to the Memorial Area.

There is a new addition to the Trophy Room.

The CPS office has been emptied and repurposed, and all CPS troops have returned with Bitterman and Witcher to their home dimension.

There are some Watcher automatons which have been collected laying around the lab. Those who care to can also collect more to use for parts or research purposes.


UNTIL is currently working on dismantling the giant Watcher space station. However, given its size, it is going to take quite a while.

UNTIL has awarded the team with a special commendation and medal for their service during the Battle of the Earth.

UNTIL has re-directed more resources into continuing their new orbital defense program.

UNTIL announced publicly that the Watcher's terrorist and criminal organization has been disbanded for good.

[Other News]

The fissures in the sky no longer spit out white lightning or glow with Watcher energy. In fact, there is no more Watcher energy in them at all. They are now fissures which show portions of space on the other side. They can be used to travel between universes and dimensions, but more energy is required to do so, and they no longer pull people in.

Multiple efforts have began to rebuild the damaged cities and towns across the world, as well as to clean up the remaining automatons that ceased functioning.

Many heroes and villains were maimed or crippled through the course of the Battle of the Earth. Many others were killed during the final fight at the reactor outpost on the third day of the invasion.

Given the casualties that occurred during the Battle of the Earth, many super heroes have quitted, and some super teams have disbanded. The general public wonders if other new heroes will raise up to fill in the spots.

Brandon Steele's company has completely dissolved as all assets were liquidated and sold.

As rebuilding is finished in more and more places, there have been multiple celebrations following UNTIL's public declaration that the Watcher's criminal empire is no more.

The media has posed the question of whether the horrible experience with the Watcher and the years of danger and terror his organization brought can be used as a stepping stone to get more and better heroes to debut in the superhero scene.

The Watcher has made it into the top spots of worst supervillains.

Ultimate has taken the top spot as the best modern superhero, attaining a huge amount of popularity during the previous invasion. In a similar fashion, Dawn has climbed to the top of the rankings and taken the spot of best female superhero.

There was a lot of speculation from the media surrounding the return of the superhero The Phantom, who was very popular during the 60s, 70s and 80s. More so, the appearance of a second man sporting the look during the invasion has prompted people to wonder if either one of these is the original. The close involvement of the Phantom with the BWD seems to have risen even more questions still, and has also boosted the group's already huge popularity even more.

With their most recent increase in popularity, the BWD have climbed to the top position for best superhero team, sharing the spot with the Champions.

There has been a huge increase in the sales of BWD toys. There is expected to be a big increase in BWD costume sales as well the closer we get to Halloween.

The price of noodles has gone up by a 6%.
Bitterman / Jul 19, 2018
[BWD Base]

There is a large blue dragon with angel wings resting at the tower's hangar.


UNTIL has been successful in installing a few small protective shields in various cities across the world to minimize the damage of the white fissures.

UNTIL has pushed into action part of their new orbital defense program in preparation for Friend's impeding assault.

[Other News]

The white fissures in the sky have caused some damage to various buildings and areas around the world. The general public has demanded the mage superheroes combine their efforts to create a spell to eliminate the fissures completely. Thus far, all their attempts have been futile.

Some otherwordly beings have appeared from the fissures. Some people have been pulled through the fissures as well after being struck by the white lightning.

Brandon Steele's company has been split, and various assets from it are being sold separately to or being absorbed by other companies.

There has been an increase in both the production of BWD related comics as well as the sales of said comics.

The price of rice has gone up by a 4%.
Bitterman / Jul 10, 2018
[BWD Base]

For fans of the arcane, multiple magic books were recovered from Warlock's fortress.

A couple minor artifacts were recovered as well.


Warlock's castle has been completely secured, and most of the Watcher forces that were stationed outside as guards were arrested.

Given what happened a couple years ago, UNTIL has begun preparing shields and other protective measures to minimize the damage caused by the white lightning.

UNTIL has successfully shutdown a substantial number of Watcher operations after Warlock's defeat, as multiple troops and outposts surrendered themselves.

[Other News]

In multiple places around the world, the sky has cracked open in certain areas, a bright white glow coming from the fissures, and in some instances white lightning has struck down from them. This energy is in fact Watcher energy. Attempting to absorb it can result in death.

White fissures anywhere can fade in and out. They do not stay at one place forever, but rather appear, and eventually disappear, as new fissures pop up elsewhere.

Similarly, the white fissures will be appearing in other dimensions, worlds and universes. The effects are pretty much the same.

Attempting to go through the fissures can result in the person arriving at another dimension, world or universe. Which one that is seems to be at random. People can even arrive at some of the planes of Yetzirah, and viceversa.

There has been a lot of revolting and commotion after Brandon Steele's death was announced. The official statement is that he died attempting to perform some sort of ritual when UNTIL raided his fortress. His identity as the supervillain Warlock has been revealed.

Steele supporters and other anti-meta activists claim the BWD was likely involved in Warlock's death, as it has been disclosed they assisted UNTIL during the raid.

All around the world the number of people in favor of the Watcher or against super hero activity in general has dropped considerably, while many supporters have risen in favor of vigilantism and super hero activities.

War has finally taken his spot in the rankings as the strongest superhero.

There has been wide speculation, as well as some panic regarding the white fissures in the sky. Many hypothesize that it is some sort of evil spell casted by either Warlock or the Watcher in retaliation for Warlock's defeat and death.

Some analysts compare the fissures to previous, similar troublesome events, such as the Blood Moon or Nightmare invasion, where environment conditions are seen affected by magic.

The price of meat has gone up by a 2%.
Bitterman / Jul 01, 2018
[BWD Base]

The broken time machine from project Timeskip built by Dr. G is on the laboratory ready to be analyzed and such.

Multiple audio logs were recovered from Dr. G's personal quarters at the Steele Industries building. They are available for listening. (#1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5)

There are a few Watcher weapons at the tower's lab which were recovered from the Steele Industries building.


The rescued heroes and villains are in the process of recovering within UNTIL. A few have been arrested and sent to Stronghold.

Information recovered from the Steel Industries building has allowed UNTIL to make several arrests and shut down a huge portion of Watcher bases, reducing Watcher presence by an 80%.

UNTIL has begun shutting off the funds and has closed down several installations of Steele Industries while searching for the whereabouts of Brandon Steele aka Warlock.

With the information recovered from the Steel Industries building, UNTIL has eliminated several Watcher outposts in the Shah-i-Kot Valley in preparation for the main assault on Warlock's fortress.

[Other News]

There has been a lot of commotion and revolting due to the events revolving around the assault on the Steele Industries building in Downtown. A public statement has been released by the authorities claiming Brandon Steele is indeed an accomplice of the Watcher.

Multiple supporters of Brandon Steele have spoken out about his innocence, although there have also been multiple people praising the work of the heroes for uncovering this conspiracy.

Analysts predict that due to the recent controversy and events surrounding Brandon Steele, that his popularity in running for senator will drop by 70%.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the large dark grey and silver feathered phoenix that showed up during the assault on the Steele Industries building. General opinion suggests the mythical creature is a pet of the BWD, while others claim it to be an UNTIL experiment.

Although a lot of controversy still exists, the events which ended with the rescue of several heroes and villains which had been missing for many months now plus the apparent uncovering of Brandon Steele's illegal activities have elevated the BWD's position in the rankings of the top 5 favorite super hero teams to second place.

The BWD leaders are expected to take the top spot in several superhero popularity polls over the next weeks. It is estimated Psyosis, better known by his real name Keith Strauss, will lead in the best public figure category. Ultimate is expected to lead in the best modern superhero category, while Dawn has already began her climbing to the top of the best female superhero category. War is edging closer to the top of the strongest superhero category, while Vigil Skully is on his way to the top of the best superteam leader category.

The former host of the Millennium Weekly Recap, Brendan Rockwell, was found dead in his Downtown residence this morning, apparently having committed suicide. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Channel 9 has already suggested the idea of preparing a memorial show not only for the former host, but for the former news show as well.

The sales of eye t-shirts have decreased drastically. Inversely, the sales of licensed BWD merchandise has increased by 2%.

Tickets for this year's Worldcup have seen a drastic increase in their price, up to 20%.
Bitterman / May 23, 2018
[By Nagi]

Museum Heist

On May the 21st, there were two museums broken into on different coasts of the United States. At the National Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, a Native American Tomahawk was stolen from its display case. In Boston, a pouch believed to have once belonged to a Native American Shaman was also stolen. Police believe that super humans were involved and have contacted both UNTIL and PRIMUS for support in the investigation.

Murders in the Northeast

Bodies were found in a cave on a forest just outside the town of Dunham. When asked, the local sheriff department had no comment on the matter. The bodies were said to have been completely mutilated and may have been there for at least six months. Sheriffs are trying to determine who these men were and why they were in the cave.
War / May 15, 2018

This last Friday, the 11th there were reports of Colorado residents experiencing tremors from an unknown source. We reached out to some seismologists from the University of Colorado. They reported that there were indeed some earthquake activity. Luckily though the tremors were very isolated within the Rocky mountain range, where there were no human structures with the immediate area.

The seismologists are looking into investigating what could have possibly been responsible for the quakes.