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World War of the Gods

Meetings with the Pantheons

DODEKATHEON: (Location: Just North of Dawn and War's farm) Were introduced to the current members where they were warned about the Aesir and that they most likely will try to attack and overtake Olympus. They were attacked by a pack of young fros...
Small War 226d
War1136Small War 226d
World War of the Gods

The First Strike

An Aspect of the Midgard Serpent Jörmungandr. Vigil, Ultimate, Mike, Caledon Chanter, Khana and Bana answered the call. During the battle War was swallowed by the serpent when protecting Caledon. The Serpent got off two blasts. One vaporized the t...
Small War 238d
War1153Small War 238d
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