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Madam Cortez: Goddess of Fortunes.

Tlazoltéotl is a Goddess of filth, whether it involves water-treatment systems, physical human waste or the mental detritus of psychological baggage. She has the power to clean it all up and sweep it all away with her magic broom.

Tlaloc: God of the rains and clouds, has been around forever. The Aztecs inherited him along with Xipe Totec, and they have never quite been able to get rid of him.

Tezcatlipoca: Called the Lord of the Smoking Mirror, Tezcatlipoca is the God of Fate and the bringer of discord and vice.

Huitzilopochtli: the Aztec God of war and the sun.

Miclántecuhtli: the lord of Mictlán, the realm of the dead and the spirits in the Aztec world.

Xipe Totec: God of maize and of seeds growing in the earth, Xipe Totec represents death transforming into new life.

Quetzalcoátl: the cleverest, most peaceful and least bloodthirsty of the Atzlánti, has been a priest and a king, a builder and a lawgiver, an engineer, an astronomer and a doctor and that is his legendary persona.
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