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The Blackwatch Defenders origins

The Blackwatch Defenders started as the idea of a wild and wooly world adventurer, soldier of fortune and all around adventure seeker 'Dash' Dana Kopra. An America of Finnish descent volunteered to aid Finland during the Winter War of 1939 out of familial and national pride. Flying aircraft and doing a bit of ground fighting suited him[ after he lost his sixth plane, he had a great kill to shot down ration of 5:1 but the Finns didn't have a lot of aircraft to go around]. After the winter war treaty he went to the UK to join the Eagle Squadrons.

He'd met Charles Sweeny and was eager to help the war effort against the Germans. Through Sweeny he meets The Black Owl. Between the three of them an idea forms of a colorful group of flyers with a license outside of the Royal military or any military, with the quiet consent of the governments they aid, to fight the evils of the Axis powers. The Blackhawk Defenders were born.

The Black Owl also suggested to Kopra that mystery men and emerging superhumans should be recruited wither they could fly or not. [At the time he meant fly aircraft, since flying superhumans were quite rare at the time]. At the same time the US was working on Operation Rookmaker. With similar goals in mind, the groups worked together and the Blackwatch and Blackhawk Defenders were formed.

The Blackwatch was the larger repository of what would later be called superheroes. Many of whom lacked powers and performed most of the team's work inside the borders of the Axis powers during the war. Later at the initiative of the US government via Operation Junk, the Blackwatch and the Blackhawks would go east, just in time to be there for Pearl Harbor but were only able to thwart their superhuman counterparts.


"Dash" - Dana Kopra

Detroit Titan - Bernie Machewitz*

Ares - Greek god of war *

Black Owl - unknown

Red Hawk - Patsy Pauline Perwinkle #

'Toy' - Terry Willaims Jr #

'Chop' - Wu Ping

'Le Blanc' - Andre Blanc #

The Frightener - Susan -last name unknown-

'Frogman' - Peter Perot

#killed in action

"There are two secrets to becoming great. One is never to reveal all that you know."
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Post War and Cold War era

Unlike other heroes and adventurers the end of the war was just the beginning for Kopra's team. The Blackhawk half was finished, the military grade fighters were to much and mothballed or sold. Most 'Hawk members either joined the new US Air Force, Royal Air Corps or other force depending on their nationality. Most 'Watch members either retired or fell in the war. Kopra did neither and a few others, mostly in the support staff he'd gathered kept an eye out. Later he would call this the true origin of 'The Blackwatch'. As he was later quoted;

"I saw the world as the British did. Stalin was up to no good, I remember him from the Winter War and no doubt he'd be up to something bloody and he had his fair share of supermen. Well, there we were, the supermen watching, waiting for the day we'd be needed. That was the true mission of the 'Watch. I just didn't know it yet."

Actions of Blackwatch supers were limited in the late 40's but a few old flyers, including 'Dash' Kopra volunteered to aid in the Berlin Airlift. Still membership was limited during the early parts of this era of the 'Watch. Dana Kopra passed away suddenly in 1952 leaving the Blackwatch Foundation as the core of the teams finances for decades to come. The team's oldest member, The Detroit Titan, went into semi-retirement in Detroit and the base of the team went with him.

In 1959 in response to a rising supercrime problem in the US a superhumanly strong heroine dubbed herself Confrontation seeks out the Detroit Titan for training and guidance after several near disasters. The Titan tells her that she reminds him of a 'certain man' and offers to hand over the Blackwatch to her care is she can find at least four other heroes and lead them to victory against evil.

The Modern era of The Blackwatch begins.

Until and The Blackwatch.

On November 27, 1965, a document generally referred to as the Tribunal Treaty or the “Martinez Treaty” was signed by over 100 UN member nations, and the General Assembly authorized substantial funding. UNTIL had been born into reality. But not every member nation, including many who’d voted in favor of the establishment of the organization, signed the Treaty. The primary exceptions were the United States, the Soviet Union, and China. All three saw UNTIL’s value to the world community as a whole, but refused to allow the organization onto their soil without express permission.

The Blackwatch's assistance and its records on superhuman activity were offered up to the Until's founding members despite their begin a US based team and over the soft objections of a older members. This created a close but only tacitly official relationship with Until that continues to this day.


The Detroit Titan- Bernie Machewitz*

Confrontation- Kendra Lenix @*

Jaguarman - Vincent North*

Nightshade- Camilla Black

Le Blanc deux - Charles Le Blanc

Dash II - Kitty Mathews [no relation to Kopra, but she flew the BWD aircraft after his passing]#

Rawhide - Pete Forthright@

The Blue Witch - Nat Voiries @*

Beetle Man - Troy Hanner *@

Son of Stone - unknown #*

Mr Meson - Pat Particle*

Mosquito - Anna Archer

Zorgar the Mighty - -unknown-

#killed in action
@Missing, presumed dead

"There are two secrets to becoming great. One is never to reveal all that you know."
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