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Welcome to the Blackwatch Defenders
We come from all backgrounds, walks of life, and in some cases different dimensions. We move through the mean streets of Millennium City, the burning sands of the Desert, the freezing land of the Canadian terrain and beyond. We are there, helping where we can when we are called for action; we keep watch against evil.

We are The Blackwatch Defenders; doing what needs to be done so no one else has to.

Our Members are trained in all aspects of crime fighting: Investigation, Super Science, Magic, Psionics, Gun-Fu and Intrigue. We do it all, taking pride in what we do; knowing that each villain off the streets means that we can sleep a little sounder at night.

With this knowledge, we ask, do you have what it takes to be a Blackwatch Defender?

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bwdARES / Aug 11, 2020
Ever since his public exit of the Blackwatch Defenders, former member War has been busy reshaping the country of Greece.

After the apparent take over of the country, War has used the same powers he used to transform the farmland of southern Michigan into bountiful fields of crops that hadn't ever grown in the country. They have already started an impact in the world market and are seemingly on their way to become one of the strongest military powers in the region.

We reached out to speak with War himself, but the country is currently on a temporary lock-down until order has been established. Though we here that is nearly completed.

Elsewhere in the Westside, residents were woken up as a large gangland battle broke out between several of the combined gangs of the city and the cops. When the BWD showed up, they were able to blow out part of the building the gang members when in and flood them out. The BWD were able to successfully able to take out their targets without the loss of policemen lives.

Although everyone in the building were found dead, Officer Graves gave a statement about the loss of life being attributed to a villain within the building and not the BWD.