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Welcome to the Blackwatch Defenders
We come from all backgrounds, walks of life, and in some cases different dimensions. We move through the mean streets of Millennium City, the burning sands of the Desert, the freezing land of the Canadian terrain and beyond. We are there, helping where we can when we are called for action; we keep watch against evil.

We are The Blackwatch Defenders; doing what needs to be done so no one else has to.

Our Members are trained in all aspects of crime fighting: Investigation, Super Science, Magic, Psionics, Gun-Fu and Intrigue. We do it all, taking pride in what we do; knowing that each villain off the streets means that we can sleep a little sounder at night.

With this knowledge, we ask, do you have what it takes to be a Blackwatch Defender?

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War / Jan 18, 2019
Tonight, in Ivujivik Quebec Canada there was an incident involving Frost Giants, BWD member War and the Norse god Thor.

Eye witness reports state that the incident began when a group of frost giants appeared and threatened the small town, demanding resources and sacrifices. It wasn't until long before the BWD member War appeared on the scene and fought the giants. The fight would last roughly 30 minutes until the giants were driven off by the arrival of Thor.

Shortly thereafter the two gods came to blows. We do not know of everything that was stated between the two but what we do know is that Thor blamed War for something. The battle between them ended up destroying 90% of the town by wiping it off the face of the Earth The battle sank the surrounding landscape into the Hudson Bay. War attempted to keep the city above water but Thor struck him in the back and War crumpled to the ground and did not recover from the blow.

The majority of the townsfolk were evacuated with only minor casualties and injuries. Cloaked individuals took War away and we have not heard any reports concerning his current status.

This marks continued reports of mythical creatures appearing around the world. We have reached out to multiple groups to find out what could be causing this trend and when we get responses will we will report our findings.